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    About Alara

    PoW Alara is a work in progress. It can be described as a wide sans serif which pays tribute to “Pharaon”, a slab serif published by Deberny & Peignot in the 1930’s in France. In addition to its overall proportions, PoW Alara, through a sans serif design, expresses some of the idiosyncracies coming from the roughness of its reference.


    Leo Guibert

    Design date



    0.1 (October 2023)


    156 Roman


    Alara Light
    Alara Regular
    Alara Medium
    Alara Bold
    Alara ExtraBold
    Alara Black


    [×] A-Z a-z 0-9 . , - ! ?
    [ ] Accents and diacritics
    [ ] Extended punctuation
    [ ] Superiors/Inferiors
    [ ] Math signs
    [ ] Symbols
    [×] Spacing
    [×] Kerning
    [×] OpenType features
    [ ] Family styles (Slanted)

    Last notes

    The shapes are stabilized, no major changes to come.

    The kerning between existing letters and other signs is done.

    The next step will be to draw the accents/diacritics.

    We are planning on expanding the family with a slanted italic in the future.

    Specimen Alara
    Specimen Alara

    WiP Fonts

    What are WiP Fonts?

    WiP Fonts are not really different from our other Fonts besides that they aren’t finished yet. All our WiP Fonts are planned to be fully released and we intend to finish them. We’re just not able to schedule a release date yet.
    You can request a Demo to try them and License them. Some WiP Fonts are more advanced than others, and some progress faster. That’s why the License price is adjusted to take account of the development phases.
    We also offer our usual discounts: if you buy a Roman, you can get 50% off the Italic later if it’s not finished yet.

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    This Font is not released yet because it’s a work in progress. If you want to try or license it, please click on the link below for a request.

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